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Round Up

Hi Parents of E.L.F. Preschool students,


We are writing today to invite you to attend Kindergarten Roundup at Sacred Heart. We have two dates scheduled at different times of the day, which you can hopefully fit into your schedule. 

We invite you to attend our roundup so you can acquire information about our educational programs, tour the school, and to learn about the financial assistance that is available to help make an education at Sacred Heart very affordable.  We will have a parent meeting for presentations, questions and answer time, student/parent classroom time, and time for the students to interact with each other in the classroom along with Mrs. Hornberg, their Kindergarten teacher.

We have financial assistance programs available such as:

·       STO (School Tuition Organization)  These funds are allocated from the Archdiocese of Dubuque and are available only to families that attend Catholic Schools (last year our families received $17,000.00 in assistance from this program alone). Applications are available and are due by March 22, 2013.  

·       We also have local scholarships to assist families that may not qualify for the STO funding.  

·       We give a 5% discount for tuition that is paid in full before school begins.   

·       We offer a "new family" credit of $100 to any family that has never had a student at Sacred Heart School and we give a referral bonus of $100 for each family you recruit to attend Sacred Heart School (forms available in the office).

·       We give 50% of the earned rebates from your Scrip purchases back to you as a tuition deduction.  Scrip is our #1 third source fundraiser that continues 12 months a year.  Last year, our families earned $6809.00 off their tuition just by using scrip rather than cash/check/credit card, for many of their purchases at local retailers and national chains.  So far this year (thru Jan. 2, 2013), our families have earned credits of $7260.84 off next years' tuition.

·       Sacred Heart Church also subsidizes the actual cost per student and its' members are always here to support our school.

Attending our roundup does not obligate you to register at Sacred Heart. We are asking that you give our school the opportunity to impress upon you how valuable an education at Sacred Heart School can be for your student.

Options for roundup are: Monday, Feb. 25 from 3:45-5:30 pm or Thursday, Feb. 28 from 5:45-7:30 pm.

Please call Mrs. Wilharm to register; or if you have questions, we would be happy to answer them either on the phone, via e-mail, or by scheduling a meeting with our Principal, Sr. Marilou Irons.  We are always here to help you fill out your financial assistance applications and to help develop a financial plan that will be within your means.

Thank you for considering Sacred Heart School.



Cindy Wilharm

Office Administrator

Sacred Heart School

601 1st Ave. SW

Oelwein, IA  50662