School Alerts

School Alerts!


Sacred Heart School now has a SMS alert system set up for things like; early outs due to bad weather, last minute reminders, or important notices. It is a free service.


HOW TO:  To sign up (subscribe) to these alerts, please do the following:

  • Send a text message to this number:


  • With the following message:

follow SHSOelwein


You will receive a confirmation text letting you know you are now receiving messages from Sacred Heart Oelwein along with up to three of the last messages that have been sent out.


Who can subscribe?

Everyone that has a cell phone can subscribe to receive the noticies. This works for all cell phones.

Does this cost?

The broad answer here is; NO, it does not cost. This is a free service. But you should always double check with your own mobile phone provider to ensure this is the case. 

**exception -- If you do not have a texting plan, the initial text you send out to subscribe to the alerts will generate a single SMS (text) charge. 

"I have received a text with an Add in it."

This alert system is free but with anything these days, they use adds to offset the costs. You do not have to receive these adds. 

To unsubscribe from receiving any further Add Texts:

    • Reply to the text with the following message: set discover to off


If you have any further questions, please let me know.


Nicole Reising