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Tuition & Financial Aid


Sacred Heart Elementary remains focused on offering an affordable Catholic Education. Currently we offer one of the lowest tuition rates in the Archdiocese of Dubuque.

Tuition for the 2012-2013 School Year are as follows:


1st Child   $1350
2nd Child  $875
3rd Child  $750

1st Child   $2100
2nd Child   $1373
3rd Child   $1375

The numbers shown above are a maximum cost for your family. Sacred Heart Elementary offers many tuition incentives and financial aid packages to help defer the cost of tuition. All financial aid information is highly confidential. Families considering Sacred Heart should not fer tuition costs. We will work with each family on an individual basis in developing an affordable plan so your students can receive a quality Catholic education.

  1.  5% off of your total tuition if paid in full on or before registration
  2.  $100 off of tuition if your family uses $1000 in SCRIP by June 30th, 2011
  3.  50% of SCRIP used by your family will go towards your tuition
  4.  $100 off of tuition for new family referral  -  Referral Letter 2012-2013

            FINANCIAL AID           

  1. Our Faith, Our children, Our Future Student Tuition Organization (STO)
  2. Local Tuition Assistance
  3. Free and Reduced Lunch
    • Families that qualify for Free & Reduced lunches are strongly encouraged to do so. Not only do they receive a reduction in lunch cost, they also receive a grant through the Archdiocese towards tuition.
    • For more information please contact Sacred Heart Principal
  4. Minority Grant
  5. Iowa Tax Credit
    • 25% Iowa Tax Credit for the first $1000 paid in tuition

** All tuition information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL between your family and Sister Marilou Irons  **