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Food Service

Hot Lunch Program

Sacred Heart School offers hot lunch for our students. Each day students will be served the mandatory 5 components in their lunch to meet nutritional needs: one serving of Bread, Meat, Milk, Fruit and a Vegetable. 

        Lunch Prices        

Child    $2.00   (20 days= $40.00)
Reduced (if qualified)   $.40   (20 days= $8.00)
Adult    $3.25
          Milk Prices       

Milk    $.35

*One milk is included in the daily hot lunch fee. You only need to send extra money for milk if they wish to drink more than one container.

Each student has an individual lunch ID number and account. All lunch funds for each ID go into one account. You do not need to write separate checks for hot lunch and milk. You may put whatever dollar amount you wish in your child's account. If you have multiple students at Sacred heart, please designate how much you would like for each student or the dollar amount will be split equally between your students.

Reduced Hot Lunch Program:
Iowa Eligibility Application for Free and Reduced Hot Lunch is available by contacting the school office - 319-283-1366. The lunch program receives financial assistance when a family is accepted into the program. We do encourage parents to apply if they feel they may qualify as it benefits both the family and the school Title 1 program.