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Sacred Heart Dollars/SCRIP
The Fundraiser That Pays You Back!

    What Is SCRIP?   

Sacred Heart Dollars and SCRIP are the same thing. Both are a 'substitute for money'. SCRIP is a program designed for non-profit institutions (Sacred Heart) as an alternative way to raise money. The program involves national and local businesses who are willing to give a percentage of your purchase back to our school.

    How Does It Work?    

The SCRIP program is simple. You purchase SCRIP for any amount you wish then spend it at the appropriate business at face value. The school and you get a percentage of that purchase from the business you made your purchases at.


    You purchase a $50 Kwik Star card. You use these just like gift cards, continuing to make purchases at Kwik Star until the entire $50 has been spent.
    By doing this Kwik Star gives 10% of that purchase back to Sacred heart. Sacred Heart in turns gives YOU 1/2 of the 10% or $2.50 off of your next years tuition.
 ...Where Can I Purchase SCRIP?
Scrip can be purchased in several ways:
    1) Order forms are available at parish office, school office, or the back of church.  Please return completed
         forms and money to the school office.
    2) SCRIP can be purchased at the following locations:
        a. Parish Center from 8:30-9:00 am on Mondays and from 9:30am to 12 pm on Thursdays
        b. Before/after all weekend masses at the east entrance of church
        c. During regular business hours at:  Community Bank of Oelwein, Fidelity Bank, Regions Bank.
    3) Online at: anytime day or night.  you do need to set up an account and follow
         the enrollment process to get started.  Sacred Heart's account # / enrollment code is:  8461D6L8821.
         You can even order our local cards and Sacred Heart Dollars online.
            a. Payment for online orders can be made by:
                    i.  Sending your check with a copy of the order to the school office
                    ii. PrestoPay - you may register $ pay directly for your order online.  There is a $ 0.15/order  
                        convenience fee.
            b. Orders will ship/be available at our published release schedule.  Schedule will be posted in school
                newsletter & parish bulletin.
    4) Use Re-loadable gift cards:  Some retailers are now offering re-loadable gift cards.  Please go to for a complete list of retailers offering this option.  Requires payment with
    5) ScripNow:  Some retailers are offering cards that you can pay for by using PrestoPay, print to your
        computer & go shopping.  Please go to for a complete list of retailers under
        the ScripNow symbol.
    Who are the vendors that I can purchase SCRIP Cards for?
             We have both local and national retailers with the SCRIP program.  For a complete national list, please go to
     A list of 30 local businesses that accept Sacred Heart Dollars can be found on the
             back of the paper order forms.
 WIN for both you and the school

This program is a WIN for both you and the school. Last year the SCRIP program made $32,202.53. $8,343.85 went to school and RE families to reduce their tuition for this school year. 

     Goal For This Year    


Help us meet this goal!